Museum of the History of the Ancient Olympic Games.

(Daily 08:30 – 20:00)     Distance: 350 meters from Hotel – 3 min. walk.

As of 2004, it hosts exhibits demonstrating the glorious history of the Olympic games. The collection has been organized by topic and covers the first games through their acme. The first room houses the history of sports through the display of works from Minoan and Mycenaean Greece. Next room is the presentation of the beginning of the games and Hercules. The room 3 is dedicated to the organization of the games, featuring a collection of sculptures and collection of bronzes and most of all a big collection of the ancient Olympic Games. Room 4 is about the preparation of the athletes in illustrated red figure vases featuring scenes from Palaistra and the Gymnasium. Room 8 is dedicated to the awards and the offerings.



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