Monument of Pier de Coubertin

Distance: 1,5 km from hotel – 15 min. walk.

Pier, Baron de Coubertin, was the founder of the International Olympic Committee. He was born in January 1st, 1863 in Paris. From an early age had interest for literature and history, as well as in educational and social issues. He is considered father of the modern Olympic games, beginning with the summer Olympics in Athens, Greece in 1896, and the 1900 games in Paris. Since then the Games have been held every four years in different cities of the world, and since 1936 the Olympic Flame has been carried from Olympia to the Games as a symbol of peace and friendship. Pier de Coubertin was buried in Lausanne, but in accordance with his will, his heart was buried separately in a monument near the ruins of ancient Olympia. This monument is 300 meters far from the stadium and near the International Olympic Academy.


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