Location of hotel

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The location of our hotel, is only 400 meters far from both Museums and Archaeological Site of Olympia.
Latitude of hotel = 37.6457050  Longitudeof hotel = 21.6250340   Distance to nearest Beaches : 25 minutes by car. Nearest airports are Araxos and Kalamata (100km).

By car from Athens

Map_peloponesse There are two routes from Athens to our hotel (316 kms.) The easy is via Corinth, towards Megalopolis, Kopanaki, Kalo Nero, Zacharo, Krestena, Floka, Olympia. The harder but picturesque is via Vitina (310kms). You will drive through Korinth, but after the Artemisio tunnel, you will find the junction to Ancient Olympia through the mountains of Arcadia.  We recommend a short stop in Laggadia for coffee or lunch.The trip duration is 3hrs & 50 minutes about. Read more…

By car from Delphi

Map_peloponesse_2 The road from Delfi to Olympia is about 245 kms and has some twisties. The trip duration is about 3,5 hrs. It is a scenic road along the coast with valleys full of olive trees stretching out to the Corinthian Gulf. You will depart from Delphi via Itea, Nafpaktos to Antirion, cross the Corinthian bay on the new bridge to Rio. Alternative you can use the traditional ferry from the little port near the bridge. Then you will drive towards Pyrgos and Olympia (very flat road). There are not road tolls for this trip except for the  bridge. Read more …

By Public bus from Athens

Many KTEL ILIAS busses daily from the Peloposesse terminal A Kifissou str.100, Athens. tel:210 5134111 & 210 5124910. You travel to Pyrgos and there  immediate connections to Ancient Olympia. If it is possible prefer the express bus. Hotel is located only 300 meters far from the local bustop. Visit the official page of the Bus Company  for more information’s. Also you may send us an email if you need help related the bus shedules.