Archaeological Site of Olympia

Daily 08:00 – 20:00, Distance: 600 meters from hotel – 10 min. walk.

The first games were held in the second millennium B.C. and had local character. In 776 B.C the first Pahnellenic games were organized in Olympia. During the games all the wars between the Greek cities had to stop. Some of the important building are: The temple of Zeus, a work in Doric structure made from local shell-limestone and covered with white stucco, but the metopes and pediments made from marble.

The temple of Hera, a Doric Temple,

The Philippeion, a circular marble structure with lonic columns and conical roof.

The palestra, where athletes were using for boxing, and wrestling.

The buildings were the athletes used to train,

The workshop of Phidias who curved the Ivory
The Stadium



The best way to feel the atmosphere is to race in the stadium like the athletes used to do.


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