Eco friendly Hotel

The hotel is using solar panels to heat its waterMore than 85 percent of the hot water for Kronio Hotel's 23 rooms is supplied through energy harnessed from solar panels. On February 2008 Kronio hotel became the first hotel in Olympia to make such a use of solar energy. 15 solar panels, covering a total area of 60 square meters, have been installed on the roof of Kronio hotel. Solar-heated water is stored in a tank with a capacity of 1.000 Liters. The solar panels were manufactured in Greece by SAMMLER, a renowned leader in the solar power sector. The Kronio Hotel uses very little electricity, through the use of low consumption light led bulbs.

About Kronio Hotel in Olympia

view of room The hotel has 23 modern and comfordable rooms with fashionable furniture and bathrooms. It is operating in a renovated  neoclassical building and offers accommodation  up to 56 persons. Perfectly  located, it is opposite the Orthodox church  and only 5 minutes gentle walk from the museum and Archaeological site of Ancient Olympia. Four Wi-Fi router devices ensure 100% coverage in  entire hotel. Every room has a balcony where the guest can sit and enjoy a small village afternoon. For your safety the reception and corridors are equipped with camera security system.

view of reception Panagiotis Asteris, the owner, grew up in Olympia steeped in the Olympic spirit.  A former athlete himself, he was a Marathon runner for 14 years. He speaks very good English, good French and some German and he is a wealth of information for travelers. He will be pleased to offer you any help about visiting all the local attractions, advices related to local addresses, location in maps, recommendations for lunch or dinner as well as information about buses and trains schedules to other cities in Greece.

The Family

the family The Asteris family consists of the grandmother Voula Asteris ,and her son Panagiotis Asteris. He is married with Dalia Asteris who now she is working at the hotel as well. They have two children Eleonora and Giorgos.

We are looking forward to welcome you !